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Sewer line repair is a messy, expensive business. Mistakes are easily made, which leads to further damage. At Plumber Atlanta, we are familiar with the ups and downs of sewer line repair. We have worked for the past 25 years, developing a sure fire Atlanta sewer line repair method that alleviates the stress, extreme costs, and unnecessary damages for our customers. If you are in need of sewer repair services, we are the company to trust.
One of the ways we have become the most trustworthy plumbing service in the Atlanta area is through our extensive knowledge of the sewer lines we repair. There are typically only two types of drain systems for single family homes, and these types are sewer line systems and septic systems. Homes are usually built over a crawlspace, a basement, or atop a concrete slab. Sewer line systems are much more common than septic systems. A sewer system encompasses not only the service lines that extend to your home or business, but also the city and county main lines that connect every branch of the service lines.  As branches converge, they grow in diameter. The main line eventually reaches 25’ in diameter.
Sewer line repair is a complex service due to the many different types of material used when installing sewer lines. The most common material at the moment is PVC—otherwise known as poly-vinyl chloride. This material is strong and inexpensive to produce. Another attractive feature that led this material to fame is its ease of installation. This material can last 60 years, and has even been known to exceed this life span. Before PVC, terracotta clay was used to create sewer pipes. The main issue with this material is its weakness. It is easily penetrated by tree roots and is also prone to cracking and being crushed. PVC has recently taken over as the most effective, strong, long lasting material. We use PVC in almost all sewer line repair, as it is works in almost any environment. PVC is a trustworthy material that should leave your sewer lines without damage for quite some time.
Whether you need sewer line repair to fix root damage, pipe separation, breaks in pipes, or even rusting, the location of the damage must be known in order to complete proper repair. We make locating the problem areas in your plumbing system easy through the most recent and advanced technology. Sewer line camera inspections allow us to see exactly where the problem areas are. This way, we do not have to dig up the entire line to solve one tiny issue. In the past, sewer repair contractors were able to identify individual breaks or leaks through guessing and other less advanced technology. This was okay and helped a lot, but it lacked the ability to identify ever problem area. With our cameras, every single leak, crack, break, etc is identified by the cameras.
We know exactly what to fix and where to fix it, which saves valuable time and money. Once the area is located, a decision will be made to discern whether your pipes require a simple sewer line repair or a total sewer line replacement. If the latter is chosen, we will have to dig up and replace the entire line from your home all the way to the road. This is only done in extreme cases where it is absolutely necessary. Other times, a simple repair will be performed. Only the problem area will be exposed. We will patch it up quickly and be on our way. It really is that simple! Our skilled plumbers will make sure as little damage is inflicted upon your yard and landscaping as possible during sewer line repair.
Sewer line repair is not the only service we offer. If your sewer line system is not up to date with the codes, we can upgrade it for you. If your sewer line needs a bath, we have a sewer line cleaning service available for you. Trenchless sewer repair, sewer pipe repair, sewer replacement, and other miscellaneous sewer repairs are also available, so come to us for any and all sewer needs. The prices of our services are phenomenal, especially that of our sewer cleanout cost. Call us today and one of our plumbers will give you an sewer line replacement cost estimate for your sewer line repair. We do not only offer sewer line repair, however. If you find that you have other plumbing issues, we can help you with those as well. We offer a wide array of services for everything from drain cleaning to waterline repair. You can trust us with all of your plumbing needs.

Our company has been performing Atlanta sewer line repair for over 25 years. We have since perfected our methods. Our sewer line repair services are trustworthy and truly worth the low cost. We are unique in our devotion to the customers. Our plumbers strive for your satisfaction, no matter what. You can trust us with all of your sewer line repair.

Whether you have notices sewer pipe damage, think it is time for a checkup, or need an upgrade, we are the sewer repair contractor to call. We provide Atlanta sewer line repair at competitive prices, along with many other plumbing repairs. We work with customers to find a time that is convenient, and when we perform sewer line repair we do it quickly so that you may return to your life as quickly as possible. Next time you find yourself in need of Atlanta sewer line repair, give us a call. We will not disappoint.

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Atlanta sewer line repair for over 25 years. We have since perfected our methods. Our sewer line repair services are trustworthy and truly worth the low cost.