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If you have a home, chances are that home has a hot water heater. Who can resist a warm shower, right? Hot water is also vital to effectively sanitizing dishes and even clothing. There are many types of hot water heaters that might be installed in your home, and all require water heater repair at some point. They could be tank-less, run by gas, or run by electricity.

Even with proper installation and a top quality hot water heater, damage will occur eventually. Water heaters tend to tire with old age. When the time for hot water heater repair or water heater replacement arrives, give us a call. Plumbing Atlanta is here to offer effective, efficient, inexpensive Atlanta water heater repair to clients in Atlanta and surrounding areas.

The average water heater lasts anywhere from 12 to 15 years before beginning their quick decline. Water heaters don’t stay hot forever. When your showers lose their sting or your water heater begins to leak rust tinged liquid, you’ll know it is time to say goodbye. When it comes time for you to face the music and have a brand new water heater installed, we are the plumbers to call. Plumbing Atlanta is the place to go for all things water heater replacement. We also provide the best hot water heater repair service in the area, so if your water heater can be salvaged we are the plumbers to get that job done.

Although tankless water heaters have dominated Japan and Europe in recent years, they have not yet taken over the Unite States. This type of tankless hot water heater is desired due to its small size and ability to be mounted on a wall, which allows it to occupy a very small amount of space in the home. The majority of tankless water heater units run on a both gas and electricity simultaneously. This raises their efficiency in relation to their standard water heater counterparts.

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Water heaters play an important part in the life of all Atlanta residents. Having a non-functional water heater at home can be a terrible experience, particularly in the cold winter days.

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A well maintained drain and sewage system is an essential requirement for any household or business. When anything goes wrong with a drain or sewage system, it needs to be resolved quickly and correctly.

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Atlanta sewer line repair for over 25 years. We have since perfected our methods. Our sewer line repair services are trustworthy and truly worth the low cost.

Tankless water heaters require very little water heater repair and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. You will also be given the opportunity to have a keypad installed that allows you to control the temperature of your water heater. Tankless water heaters have an average lifespan of around 25 years and also come equipped with a ten-year warranty. Because these tankless water heaters are overall more advanced, they require a more expensive installation fee. Tankless water heater installation fees can be anywhere from 3 to 5 times that of normal hot water heater installation fees. Another drawback to a tankless water heater is its warm up time. The standard water heater warms water much faster, making the wait time for a tankless water heater longer.

Besides tankless water heaters and the standard water heaters that run on electricity, we also offer gas hot water heater installation services. These water heaters run on natural gas or propane, using a burner to warm the tank. The temperature is adjustable, but usually does not exceed 125 degrees. The biggest advantage to these water heaters is their ability to reheat at a rapid rate.

If you like to run the dishwasher, the washing machine, and a bath simultaneously, this is definitely the water heater for you. These water heaters take up more space than their electric and tankless competitors, however, because their combustion requires them to have a vent. This vent dispels the hot gases away from the water heater unit. Electric water heaters work much differently. Instead of sitting atop a burner, they have thermostats that heat elements within the tank. The elements, in turn, heat the water inside the tank. Electric water heaters can be installed almost anywhere, as they do not need a vent. This is a positive for many. Their lifespan is about the same as the tankless and gas water heaters. Some may shy away from electric water heaters because their recovery time for heated water is less than that of a gas water heater. If you will need a lot of heated water at a time for all appliances, we recommend a gas water heater. If you just need a lot of hot water for multiple family members showering in the same morning, however, you can simply buy a water heater with a larger capacity. We install anywhere from 10-gallon water heaters to 100-gallon water heaters.

If your water heater is giving you trouble or you simply think it is time for an upgrade, give us a call right away. We can work with your schedule and budget to find the best water heater repair for your home. We even offer a 24-hour emergency plumbing service for when the Atlanta water heater repair just can’t wait. Come to us for all of your Atlanta water heater repair service needs. We won’t let you down!

If after reading this information you still struggle with your decision, do not fear. When you hire our plumbers to solve your hot water heater problems, we will ask questions and examine the area so that we can decipher which kind of water heater is right for your home and family. Here at Plumbing Atlanta, we offer Atlanta water heater repair at competitive prices. Our trustworthy water heater repair services performed by skilled plumbers are what has kept us at the top of the Atlanta plumbing industry for the last 25 years.

Next time you need any plumbing related service, come to us instead of settling for mediocre service. We are available 24 hours a day just to serve you.