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More often than not, a home’s water line system will become damaged and require repair. We are equipped to handle those damages with an Atlanta water line repair service.
It is not always easy to know what is wrong with your plumbing system. You may have issues for years without realizing you need water line repair, or it may be obvious right away. One sign that you need underground water line repair is a water bill that is astronomically higher than usual. If your waterlines are leaking, they waste water. If that wasted water shows up on your bill, you’ll know you have a problem. Sometimes, water from leaky pipes will collect in your yard, causing a muddy puddle to form. If you see a mud puddle in your yard and it has not rained enough to cause the puddle, then you are probably need leak pipe repair. One more sign that you are in need of water line repair is a lack of water pressure. If the pipes are not operating correctly, they will not put out water with as great of force, resulting in low water pressure.
If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, do not panic. While the issues could result from something major and require water main repair, it could also be simple and just need a small water pipe repair. Your waterline system could be damaged for many reasons. It could be cracking simply due to old age. A root from a nearby tree could have interfered and split the pipe. Another cause of damage is fault piping or improper installation.
Generally, the main waterline is a large pipe that connects your water meter to the inside of your home. It enters through a crawlspace, a wall in the basement, or through a slab of concrete. This all depends on the structure of your home, which differs with construction trends over time. The waterline varies from ¾” to 1” in diameter. Size of the pipe depends on the size of the home. The larger the home, the larger the diameter of the pipe must be. Many materials can be used to make pipes and perform water main repair. These include PVC, copper, polybutylene, polyethylene, galvanized steel, and CPCV. While PVC is the most common, there are positives and negatives to using each material. Material chosen depends upon the home and the environment surrounding the home.
PVC is the most common due to its low costs and easy installation. You have probably seen this white plastic pipe before, even if you are not familiar with it already. The down to this inexpensive material is its tendency to crack during extreme temperature changes. Copper, on the other hand, can handle most temperature changes due to its strength and flexibility. Copper is more expensive and will oxidize underground if your soil has certain chemicals.
If you live in an older home, your waterlines are most likely made from galvanized steel. This material is great while in its prime, but it rusts will age. In some cases, the pipe actually rusts all the way through. These pipes almost always need replacement. CPVC is a type of PVC. This material is used mainly with hot water. It was not actually designed for underground installation, but should work for many years with minimal problems. Polybutylene was installed in many homes before it was deemed a failure. Poly materials are too sensitive to chlorine in water, which is what causes the many cracks and holes in the piping.
If you suspect a waterline break based on your water bill, do not hesitate to inquire about this issue. Water bills are expensive enough without wasted water being added to the bill. Call a plumber at Plumber Atlanta for information about excellent water line repair. Our plumbing services are among the most trustworthy in the Atlanta area. We can diagnose your pipes and fix the waterline break in no time.
Our company has provided plumbing services to the Atlanta area for over 25 years. No plumber can beat the skill and craftsmanship our plumbers have formed over this period of time. When talking to a plumber about your Atlanta water line repair, their knowledge and passion for the work will show. We know our business, and we know our pipes. Plumbers at Plumber Atlanta have your best interest at heart when we offer no less than perfect water line repair to Atlanta and surrounding communities.
Our water line repair and installation is not expensive. We offer competitive prices for quality water line repair services that will blow you away. We perform our services in an innovative, mess free fashion. In some cases, we are able to perform trenchless water line repair with a rod boring technology. This will eliminate the need to ruin your landscaping. When this is not possible, we are sometimes able to insert cameras into your pipes to see where the damage is. This allows us to dig up only the necessary areas, saving most of your yard from damage.
Trenching may be vital to repairing your waterlines, depending on your yard’s layout and landscaping. In most cases, however, your waterlines will be repaired and you will not even know we were there. Our water line repair service is truly the most effective you will find. Instead of the plastic fittings used in most water line repair, we use brass fittings. Replacing the copper with brass strengthens connecting points, which aids strength and durability of the entire waterline system and allows it to last longer.

Even with our advanced technology, quality service and materials, experienced plumbers, speed, and our long warranty period, our prices are still the most competitive in the area. We match any price that competes with ours. If damage to your waterlines is wasting water and driving your bill up, you need water line repair. You will save money by contacting one of our top notch plumbers to perform Atlanta water line repair, as your water bill will decrease and damage will not expand.

At Plumber Atlanta, we offer trustworthy Atlanta water line repair at competitive prices. Give us a call today. You’ll thank us later!

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